Customized Private Stores

If you are selling merchandise via "Pop-Up Store" we may have an option for you that is better for your customers, better for staff, better for the business! Pop-ups are designed to make the process more profitable and less work for your vendor. We don’t have anything against that necessarily, we like making money too, but prefer to partner with you and supply more options, better designs, faster turnaround, and all year long availability. We have found that if you order right after the pop-up store comes available you can wait a month or more to get your order. An even bigger issue is that the stores are only available for a limited time and only to those who know about it. Unlike the pop-ups, we can set you up with a store that is always available, completely customized, and affordably priced. ON YOUR WEBSITE!

We do all the work but YOUR business receives a share of the profit on every order!


1. We meet with you to discuss your needs and the options available to you. We'll go through with you what you want your store to include. If you need more than one store, we can do that too! You will have an opportunity to choose from our available set of products for each store that your business needs. (all can be different)

2. We get to work on creating those products, producing ample choices for your customers to choose from for each product type. As designs are finished you will get an opportunity to approve designs, add or subtract items etc. We want your store to be exactly what you want it to be!

3. We send you a short html code for each website that will have a store and your website editor places it where you want it to show up on site. Simple! Your new store(s) will be available all year long for anyone to shop at anytime

No fees, EVER! This is 100% FREE and you'll automatically be included in our profit sharing program.

Just ask us when we can get your store up and running!


We'll walk you through it all and answer any questions you have!

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